On behalf of our PhD candidates, staff, alumni and friends, we are delighted to welcome you to our joint PhD program website.

Our program offers research training towards the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at two locations, with access to world-class expertise across two continents. This presents a fantastic opportunity to develop competencies beyond those typically acquired when undertaking the more traditional (single award) PhD. Graduate researchers have the ability to train in two expert laboratories in Melbourne and Bonn, build an international network of mentors and collaborators and experience other cultures to develop a truly global perspective.

The University of Bonn and the University of Melbourne have a rich history of academic excellence and outstanding achievements, with both institutions enjoying an exceptional reputation at home and abroad. Obtaining a joint PhD from two competitive and internationally recognised Universities positions our candidates at the forefront of the next generation of scientists and leaders and opens doors to a promising future. Bonn and Melbourne are wonderful places to study, and we are committed to providing our PhD candidates with rewarding and successful experiences.



Prof Christian Kurts, Bonn University

Program Director

Prof Sammy Bedoui, The University of Melbourne

Program Director


March 28, 2024

Joint PhD degree for Helena Horvatic 🎉

Congratulations to Helena on the completion of his joint doctorate!
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January 25, 2024

Joint PhD degree for Marcel Michla 🥳

Congratulations to Marcel on the completion of his joint doctorate!
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January 19, 2024

Joint PhD degree for Lara Marie Oberkircher 🍾

Congratulations to Lara on the completion of her joint doctorate!
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