Abdullah - La Gruta collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Impact of chronic hepatitis on DC/T cell functions in viral infections
PhD Student: Lisa Assmus (completed)

Barchet – Heath collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Increasing Plasmodium immunogenicity during liver stage infection to induce protective CTL immunity against Malaria

PhD student: Ana Maria Valencia Hernandez (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Identification of malaria antigens for incorporation into blood-stage and liver-stage vaccines

PhD student: Matthias Enders (completed)

Förster – Strugnell / Hamilton collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Influence of intestinal migratory DCs on the immune defence against Salmonella infection

PhD student: Anna Erazo (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: The activation and fate of Salmonella-specific CD4+ T cells in murine Salmonellosis

PhD student: Adrian Semeniuk

Garbi – van Driel collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Interplay between myeloid and T cells for anti-bacterial lung immunity

PhD student: Victoria Scheiding (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Interferon mediated control of Legionella infection

PhD student: Markus Fleischmann (completed)

Hartmann – Reading collaborative project

Melbourne subproject

Title: Identification of host restriction factors that block respiratory virus infection

PhD student: Lara Schwab (completed)

Kastenmüller – Bedoui collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Role of XCL1 on DC migration in acute viral infections

PhD student: Sabrina Dähling (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Dissecting the molecular mechanisms underpinning T cell help for DC

PhD student: Elise Gressier (completed)

Kolanus – Hartland collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Control of innate and adaptive immunity against Legionella pneumophila by Arf-GTPase exchange factors using in vivo infection systems

PhD student: Anastasia Solomatina (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Interferon mediated control of intracellular bacteria

PhD student: Linda Rafeld (completed)

Kurts - Godfrey collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Improving cross-presentation and vaccination by harnessing MAIT cells

PhD student: Marie-Sophie Philipp (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Recognition of butyrophilin-family members by gamma-delta T cells

PhD student: Marc Rigau (completed)

Latz - Hertzog collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Systems analysis of paracrine effects after inflammasome activation

PhD student: Christina Budden (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Post-transcriptional regulation of IFN-signaling

PhD student: Sarah Straub (completed)

Ludwig-Portugall – Kallies collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Molecular regulation of suppressive lymphocytes and myeloid cells in non-lymphoid tissues

PhD student: Sebastian Liene (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: The interplay between IL-33 and steroid hormones links adipose tissue biology to organismal metabolism

PhD student: Santiago Valle Torres (completed)

Schultze - Turner collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Cell-to-cell communication within the immune system studied in humans

PhD student: Patrick Günther (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Enhancer commissioning and decommissioning regulates lineage-specific transcriptional activation during virus-specific CD8+ T cell differentiation

PhD student: Vibha Uduba

Hölzel - Gebhardt collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Tissue-resident cytotoxic T memory cells in skin melanoma

PhD student: Maike Effern (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Melanoma immune surveillance in the epidermal niche

PhD student: Emma Bawden (completed)

Heneka - Gleeson collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: The cell biology of Alzheimer’s disease: amyloid-ß production and neuroinflammatory responses

PhD student: Alessandra Webers (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: The cell biology of the albumin- FcRn receptor recycling system

PhD student: Andreas Pannek (completed)

Geyer - Masters collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Structural basis of NLRP1 inflammasome formation

PhD student: Jonas Möcking (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Structure function studies of the Pyrin inflammasome

PhD student: Annemarie Steiner (completed)

Schlee - Lewin / Purcell collaborative project

Bonn subproject

Title: Nucleic acid sensing by T cells during HIV-1 infection

PhD student: Marvin Holz (completed)

Melbourne subproject

Title: Nanoparticle delivery of molecular agents to tackle HIV latency

PhD student: Abdalla Ali (completed)