Candidate supervision

The program has a strong emphasis on providing doctoral candidates with the best learning and development experience possible. Candidates benefit from at least one supervisor in Bonn and one supervisor in Melbourne, exposing them to their respective expertise in each location. In several instances, additional supervisors are nominated for training at the bench or within a particular area of expertise to optimally equip candidates with the best research skills as well as the necessary mentorship towards scientific excellence.

Our joint PhD candidates and supervisors are bound by the joint guidelines of the PhD program. These include different sets of rules concerning supervisor-candidate expectations. Examples include:

  • Responsibilities for our supervisors in each location
  • Expectations for PhD candidates
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Annual candidature milestone meetings to ensure candidates and projects are on track for a timely completion



Candidature management

Each candidate has access to an individual Supervisory Panel and Advisory Committee for support throughout their candidature. Each committee is specifically established when a candidate first commences their PhD, and each member within is selected based on their respective expertise in the field.

The committees ensures that the candidate’s and the supervisor’s expectations are appropriately addressed, and that progress of the project and the professional development of the candidate are monitored closely by peers. This is a highly successful tool to promote the overall performance of our candidates and to enhance the joint PhD experience. 


PhD candidates support

We recognize that there are challenges involved in doing a PhD, and completing a PhD in two countries may seem especially daunting. As such, our candidates have access to a comprehensive support network throughout their candidature.

Two Coordination Offices in Bonn and in Melbourne

Supervisors and PhD Advisory Committees

University / Faculty / School:

Students / Colleagues:

It is one of our priorities to ensure all candidates will have a rewarding experience throughout the course of their PhD.