Program naming contest

We need a new name, and we invite you to help us find the right one!

Dear All,
First of all, a huge thanks to all of you for making the Joint PhD program between Bonn and Melbourne a wonderful success. We are about to hit a very significant milestone. The first cohort of students are in the final stages of thesis writing, more than 30 papers (including in Cell, Science, Nature, Nature Immunology, Immunity, for example) have already been published by members of the program and we are about to submit an application to the DFG to renew the program for another 4.5 years!
While our previous acronym was certainly catchy and really nicely captured the exchange aspect of the program, it also invoked a link to Indigenous Australia that the program simply doesn’t capture. Out of respect, it is therefore time to leave our old acronym behind and soar into the hopefully renewed funding period with a new name and acronym
We therefore need your ideas. To encourage your participation and induce your creativity we want to make this into a little contest at the end of which a 100€ Gift Card (or AUS$ equivalent) can be won. This is of course in addition to the historical fame you will gain for naming the program!
So, please send your suggestion for name and matching acronym via email to until August 18th. Obviously that email address will then change accordingly!


Marie, Sammy, Lucie and Chris